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rachelkristy’s wish list on Tribesmart

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Prom dresses that turn heads and generatebliss

A prom dress is like a rite of passage for those fortunate young ladies who get to brace their prom with their presence.  The right dress ups the ante and adds that flair that suggests that “you have arrived”.  Being able to capture these special moments in your “coming of age” attire is an experience that is second to none.  This is why selecting the right prom dresses to fit your shape and personality is one of the greatest decisions that you will ever need to make in your lifetime.prom dresses

For the most eclectic selection in prom dresses, you have come to the right place.  At rachelallen.com, we pride ourselves in wide range of selections that we offer for every female’s separate dream and liking.  Our selection comes in the widest range of colours and material to suit any dream so feel free to browse through our selection of dresses and add-on options and make a selection.  We will help you to create that gorgeous dress that will flatter your shape and make you the “talk of the prom”.prom gowns

We have a dedicated team of designers and adjusters on hand to ensure that your dress seemingly melts into your skin; creating that lifetime look that defines you.Whatever the adjustment you need to ensure your prom dress and short dresses becomes you, we will aid to ensure that you vision comes to life.  So feel free to ask about our add-on services if you see a dress that you like but may require touch ups so that it becomes exactly what you envision.

Dynamic prom gowns create lifetime experiences

It’s that time of year when every girl wants to dress like a Princess while looking like a true Queen.  There is that feeling of belonging and majesty that comes from owning and wearing the right dress to your prom.  Many life altering experiences are had at the prom so your best outfit is essential to capturing these treasured momentsProm gowns

For the most exquisite selection in prom gowns, you have come to the perfect place.  Here, at rachelallen.com, we pride ourselves in high quality gowns for females of every shape, size, height and taste.  We offer a wide selection of colours and material to suit any desire and perception.  So, if you envision yourself in a Cinderella gown, we have a similar one that is adjusted slightly by colour, style and material, just to suit your dreams.  We create lifetime experiences through so feel free to browse through our selection of gowns and let us work with you to create that exquisite look that you will remember for a lifetime to come.

Prom gowns

With fist-class designers on hand, we will ensure that you end up comfortably fitting in the look your desire.  So whether you desire beads, lace, cut out, alter top, off the shoulder or a subtle cover up added to your dream prom gown or prom dresses, we will adjust it to suit your body perfectly.  Don’t be shy to ask about our added services, if you see a gown that you like the idea of, we will gladly transform it into your ultimate prom gown.